About Us

Our management philosophy emphasizes quality, efficiency and first-rate representation. Our firm has continued to grow through our dedication, excellent work and outstanding performance. We strive to make continuous improvements in the examination process to ensure we meet the requirements of our client’s procedures and instructions as well as those of the NAIC. Our firm is designed and structured to eliminate the numerous corporate layers to ensure we provide prompt attention to our clients on all levels.

ER has gained valuable experience from being involved in the NAIC accreditation review process for various states. As such, our examination process can ensure all NAIC accreditation standards are met as well as your regulatory requirements. ER maintains the necessary resources, which will provide the examination team with all applicable laws and regulations, bulletins and directives in an electronic format to ensure the examination team has access to current and updated rules and regulations. In addition, ER maintains current NAIC Financial Conditions Examiners and Market Conduct Examiners Handbooks, Accounting Practices and Procedures Manuals and Purpose and Procedures Manuals of the Securities Valuation Office. Additionally, our staff attends the Quarterly NAIC Meetings, as well as the Annual Conferences held by the Society of Financial Examiners and Insurance Regulatory Examiner Society to ensure our staff is kept up to date on changes and new topics in regulation and the insurance industry.

Through our examination team’s expertise and extensive experience, ER can also detect market conduct issues during the financial examination process as many of our examiners are certified as both Certified Financial Examiners (CFE) and Certified Insurance Examiners (CIE). ER has staff with experience in all lines of insurance including, property (personal and commercial lines), casualty, liability, medical malpractice, workers compensation, title, life, credit, annuity, health and reinsurance. ER has also performed examinations on Professional Employer Organizations and Captive Insurers.

ER is very interested in assisting regulators in its duties of financial and market conduct regulation as a supplement to the Regulator’s current examination staff, wherever needed. We would be glad to assist on any out-of-state assignments when your staff does not accommodate those types of assignments. Through our expertise and extensive experience, ER can handle targeted examinations for those companies in trouble situations. ER has qualified professionals to accommodate any market conduct issues.

We would like to thank you for visiting our website and look forward to hearing from you. Click on the Contact Us button from this page, or wherever you see the contact option throughout our website, and ask any questions you may have about our firm.