Actuarial Services

The Actuarial Services Division is dedicated to providing a wide array of regulatory services to state insurance departments including:

  • Conducting the actuarial portions of full-scope, coordinated, and limited risk-focused and other statutory financial examinations, representing both lead and participating states.
  • Performing actuarial reviews in coordination with financial analysis work.
  • Assisting with the actuarial aspects of market conduct examinations.
  • Evaluating the actuarial portions of rate filings, and of tier and rate statistical models.
  • Reviewing the actuarial aspects of:

    • Form A and Form D filings;
    • reinsurance and surplus-relief contracts, including risk transfer;
    • captive insurance applications;
    • multiple employer welfare arrangement applications;
    • feasibility studies;
    • ORSA agreements.

  • Providing actuarial services on rehabilitations, conservations, and liquidations.

Our consulting actuaries are able to cover all major lines of insurance including property and casualty, title, accident and health, disability, and life and annuity.  Our actuaries collectively hold multiple credentials including FCAS, FSA, ACAS, ASA, and MAAA.


Scott Garduno, FSA, MAAA

Managing Director

Richard Bell III, ACAS, MAAA

Senior Consulting Actuary

Kirk Braunius, ASA, MAAA

Senior Consulting Actuary

Solomon L. Frazier, FSA, FCAS, MAAA

Senior Consulting Actuary

Brett M. Sallay, FCAS, MAAA

Senior Consulting Actuary