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Chris Cagle, JD, CIE, MCM

Senior Manager

Chris currently serves as the Senior Manager of the Market Conduct Examinations team for ER’s health consulting division. Mr. Cagle conducts targeted market conduct examinations for a federal client enforcing provisions of the Consolidated Appropriations Act. Prior to this role, Mr. Cagle conducted QPA audits on behalf of a federal client enforcing the No Surprises Act. Mr. Cagle assembled the QPA Audits team and led the creation of the QPA audit process. Mr. Cagle applies his legal knowledge, training, and communication skills to ensure quality work product that is timely delivered.

Chris has over 17 years of experience in the insurance regulatory industry, performing examinations on behalf of federal and state regulatory entities. He has led examinations of Health, LTC, Life and Annuity, and P and C, among others. Chris insurance regulatory experience is extensive and has covered a variety of issues including improper claim denials, policy form reviews, premium refunds, application of benefit levels, delayed claim payments, and other items.

Prior to joining ER, Chris served as a Senior Examiner of Market Conduct Examinations for the Minnesota Department of Commerce. During his regulatory career, Chris has led dozens of comprehensive and targeted examinations of companies offering a variety of insurance products. Chris also has experience in a range of industries, including securities and consumer finance and counseling. Chris is a lawyer and active member of the State Bar of Wisconsin. In addition to earning a Juris Doctor degree, Chris earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a double major in Russian Studies and History.