New Executive Leadership Team Announced!

Rebecca (Becky) Belanger, founder of Examination Resources (ER), is excited to announce her new Executive Leadership Team consisting of Fatameh Aadelvand, Rachelle Gowins, Don Roof, and Christine Thomas. Fatameh Aadelvand has been promoted to Executive Director and Rachelle Gowins and Christine Thomas have been promoted to Managing Director alongside Don Roof. This exciting realignment comes during the year-long celebration of ER’s 20 years of success serving regulatory clients.

Fatameh Aadelvand
Don Roof
Rachelle Gowins
Christine Thomas

atameh has been an integral part of managing ER operations for the past 14 years and has worked closely with Becky as ER has grown. Her generous positive energy, interpersonal skills and tenacity are enjoyed by all at ER and by our clients with whom she interacts.

Rachelle joined ER 13 years ago and has been at the helm of ER’s Financial Examinations Division, a key consulting service that has enabled ER’s growth as a firm. She is well known in the regulatory community, ensuring states’ successful re-accreditation process. Rachelle has an extremely technical team that is comprised of some of ER’s longest-tenured staff, further speaking to her strong leadership.

Christine hit the ground running when she joined ER in 2020, taking over the management of ER’s Health Consulting Services Division and her enthusiasm and inspiration has met every demand. Her strategic thinking, outstanding teambuilding, and understanding of the importance of continuous improvement has enabled her to grow a highly technical and collaborative team.

Don has been in the field of insurance regulation for over 30 years and has been with ER since 2013, serving as Managing Director for much of his tenure. His expertise and knowledge regarding all aspects of insurance regulation, with specialization in troubled companies, rehabilitation and receiverships, has enabled ER to grow a team of specialists and work closely with regulators to assist with a host of complex issues in these areas. As a former regulator, Don is well known within our regulatory community as a person who collaborates well with all parties to bring about the solutions and desired outcomes.

As a whole, the Executive Leadership Team brings exceptional technical knowledge and experience that is key to assessing the regulatory landscape we work in and in developing long term strategies and goals. Leadership is constantly reflecting on what is working and reassessing our strategies to make the appropriate improvements/adjustments to ensure ER is stronger and better positioned for the future.

ER’s focus and mission has always been to provide outstanding, high quality consulting services together with creating a healthy, invigorating, and dynamic workplace for our team. We look forward to the future and continuing to foster one of our key objectives of protecting consumers.

ER Executive Leadership Team:

Rebecca Belanger, Managing Member

Fatameh Aadelvand, Executive Director

Rachelle Gowins, Managing Director

Don Roof, Managing Director

Christine Thomas, Managing Director


October 14, 2022