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Stephanie Alfonso, CIE, FAHM, MCM

Assistant Supervisor

Stephanie Alfonso has over 18 years of experience in the insurance industry, including more than 8 years of experience in compliance, development, and administration of self-insured ERISA health plans. She has experience overseeing organizations’ response to state and federal regulatory audits. Prior to joining Examination Resources, Stephanie successfully implemented an efficient methodology for the completion and delivery of periodic regulatory audit reports by building relationships across all operational departments and developing stringent quality controls for health plan administrators. She also developed controls for Service Organization Control Reports (SOC) Type II Reports, and was responsible for drafting plan documents, including Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD), Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), and Annual Notices.

Stephanie currently serves as an Assistant Supervisor in the Health Consulting Services Division. Since joining Examination Resources, Stephanie has used her substantial knowledge of state and federal health regulations, including PPACA, ERISA, HIPAA, HiTech, MHPAEA, CAA, NSA, and WHCRA, to worked extensively with the Federal Market Conduct Team participating in comprehensive health exams.

Stephanie is a member of the Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society (IRES) and holds the Certified Insurance Examiner (CIE), Fellow Academy for Healthcare Management (FAHM), and Market Conduct Management (MCM) designations.